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Magna Manufacturing, Inc.
"Nothing Compares to our Bear!"

Magna Manufacturing, Inc. - Fort Walton Beach, Florida
Magna Manufacturing, Inc., creator of the legendary LoBoy Foam Cooler, has been helping its customers keep it cool (or hot) for four decades. Founded in Fort Walton Beach on Florida’s picturesque, slightly laid-back, Panhandle, Magna has grown from selling a few dozen of its amazingly durable foam coolers in local bait and surf shops to selling more than a million foam coolers and insulated shipping boxes ( Cold Chain Shippers ) in 2008.

That makes Magna one of the fastest growing Expanded Polystyrene product companies in the U.S.

LoBoy & Magna Manufacturing History

Magna Manufacturing got it’s start in 1967 as a result of one man’s desire to create an EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) Foam Cooler that would actually last more than a day at the beach or while fishing. The first “LoBoy Thick Wall Foam Coolers” arrived in Destin, Florida in 1967.

The company’s name back then was Insul-Pak (the very name given to our Cold Chain Shippers & Insulated Foam Shipping Containers). Insul-Pak grew by leaps and bounds over the years and was eventually purchased by Mr. Paul Owens in 1983, at which time its name was changed to Magna Manufacturing, Inc. Mr. Owens – a business visionary – began immediate upgrades to ensure that Magna could deliver quality products and services worldwide. The manufacturing facility was completely refurbished with new molding presses and support equipment and continues to upgrade production and processes to remain one of the cleanest, most productive, and environmentally friendly EPS Foam Production Companies on the planet.

New Product Lines & E-Commerce Expansions

Due to the popularity of our EPS Foam-based products, the LoBoy brand has allowed us to expand into other product lines and take our business to the world wide web. We now bring to the marketplace wonderful items such as our Collegiate & College Logo Coolers, and the new Amazing Flying Coozie. Currently, we are in the midst of a major growth in product offers that opens the door to conducting business with clients all over the planet.

Awards & Recognition – Clean, Green, Community Contribution

The makers of LoBoy EPS Foam Coolers, Insul-Pak Cold Shippers & Insulated Foam Shipping Containers and related products has repeatedly garnered awards and recognition for leading-edge efforts to ensure quality production, environmental protection, and giving back to the community. As part of our business practices, we work to continually lessen our own environmental footprint while setting the example for industry peers.

We manufacture a product that is likewise friendly to the environment and helps others save energy by reducing the need for energy consumption (such as when having to waste water and electricity refilling cheap, flimsy coolers that can’t keep ice or food or drinks cold for days). The quality of our products saves money for end users who can keep them in reuse and re-purposing for many years. This has a significant impact for less energy consumption from year to year.

Magna is a multi-year recipient of the Saving Energy Now Award presented by the U.S. Department of Energy for demonstrating “Exceptional Leadership in Industrial Energy Efficiency.” We maintain an excellently clean facility and maintain a Safety First Environment combined with a 100% EPS Foam Recycling Philosophy.

At Magna Manufacturing, we don’t just make insulated boxes. We manufacture solutions.

Currently, we are enthusiastically exceeding expectations by meeting the needs of over 700 clients in more than two dozen industries throughout the United States, the Caribbean and Central America. Thanks to our proprietary manufacturing process and strict quality control standards, our company’s tough-as-nails thick wall coolers, foam shippers and corrugated products are the #1 choice of poultry and meat processors, seafood suppliers, dairies, convenience stores, supermarket chains, biomedical laboratories, not to mention countless end-users reaching for a cold one from their legendary LoBoy Foam Cooler.

So, when you need to keep drinks icy cold and hot foods piping hot, our LoBoy Foam Coolers have always been in a class of their own for quality and performance.

Need a shipping container that is specially designed for transporting fragile tropical fish halfway around the world? How about shippers and packaging for your favorite meats and seafoods, sensitive electronics or precious medicine? Insul-Pak has the solutions to all of your packaging and shipping needs.

And while we’ve given the competition over 40 years to catch up, our LoBoy and Insul-Pak products are still the industry standard. But our team at Magna isn’t just sitting back on their foam chests. Our designers and engineers have leveraged our manufacturing technology and expertise to expand the scope of the business into some pretty amazing places.